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Bitweaver is a free and open source web application framework and content management system. Its speed and power are ideal for large-scale community websites and corporate applications, but it is simple enough for non-technical small site users to set up and administrate. It comes fully featured on install but is modular and easy to extend.

New: Release 3.1 Is Here Release 3 is a completely fresh release. Get Support if you have any issues.

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Bitweaver 4.5 Released with Single Sign On

spiderr • 02 Jul 2017 (00:00 UTC)
Bitweaver 4.5 is now available in git repo New features include:
  • Built in support for the modular HybridAuth. integration is seamless with new and existing accounts.
  • Update to Smarty 3.1.31

Bitweaver 4.0 is coming!

spiderr • 23 May 2014 (16:45 UTC)
Research and Development
Bitweaver 4.0 is coming together. Huge advancements include migrating to Bootstrap 3 and Smarty 3.

bitweaver 3.0 released

spiderr • 29 Jun 2012 (12:48 UTC)
Research and Development
We have at long last pushed out a release of bitweaver ReleaseThree

bitweaver 2.8 Release Candidate is out!

spiderr • 11 Jul 2010 (19:35 UTC)
Research and Development
We have a release candidate for version 2.8, which should be the final version of our ReleaseTwo code base. This is also the last release from our bitweaverCVS codebase, as we have mostly made the jump to light speed using git. Please post any issues or troubles you have.


Please test upgrading your site on a backup first and use the DEBUG checkmark to show any SQL errors. Post problems as comments here.

New Bitweaver.org Server

spiderr • 07 Jun 2010 (18:52 UTC)
After months of struggling, our old server was happily retired early this morning.

New machine is much more powerful and should have plenty of capacity.

bitweaver 2.7 Release Candidate is out!

spiderr • 10 Oct 2009 (02:17 UTC)
Research and Development
Trying to stick to our seasonal release schedule, we have put out bitweaver2.7_RC1.zip. To see what's new, see the ReleaseTwoChangeLog. Please download the zip, or use this site, it's up to date, and let us know of any issues. Please post comments to this article as it is linked to the Development - Announcements forum.

Configuring Bitweaver with YAML

Will • 02 Sep 2009 (14:25 UTC)
To jump on the bandwagon bitweaver now has nascent support for configuring installs using YAML files. The new package YamlConfig provides two new features to administrators: The ability to dump configuration settings to YAML, and the ability to change configuration settings using YAML. This greatly simplifies porting settings between multiple installs, whether you are running multiple sites or have development sandboxes and live sites.

This package also has a promising future in that it can grow to enable easy bulk uploading of content by admins and editors or regular users.

YamlConfig is av…

Important Security Update for RSS Package - Patch Available

Will • 14 May 2009 (15:50 UTC)
A Critical Security Flaw was discovered in RSS Package. Under the right conditions the security flaw can expose one's server to arbitrary creation and overwrite of server files and folders. This flaw effects all versions of bitweaver prior to 2.6.0. Details here …

You are strongly urged to apply the patch or upgrade to 2.6.1 or later

There is only one file to replace in the rss package: rss_inc.php. To replace it manually, […

bitweaver 2.6 Release Candidate is out!

spiderr • 25 Mar 2009 (03:16 UTC)
Research and Development
Trying to stick to our seasonal release schedule, we have put out NEW 09-APR-2009 bitweaver2.6_RC2.zip. To see what's new, see the ReleaseTwoChangeLog. Please download the zip, or at least beat on the test server and let us know of any issues.

New Release, New Release Schedule, New Release Approach

spiderr • 23 Jan 2009 (17:52 UTC)
We have created bitweaver2.5 in the builds directory. This will go into sf.net release later today, unless I hear someone scream.

Please test now. Either download a copy for yourself, or register at http://testing.bitweaver.org and push all the bells and whistles you can. That site will be nuked shortly.

We need help running administrivia for the release. Please volunteer.

Along with this new release, we have changed our approach to releasing. For 5 years now (fear), we have been very conservative releasing rock solid releases that have locked schemas intermi…

bitweaver Code Swarm! Trip out to 3 years of bitweaver code

spiderr • 26 Aug 2008 (12:29 UTC)
ImageHere is a cool animated Code_Swarm graphcreated by /nickpalmer from our CVS source commits.

Help Wanted! bitweaver is growing!

spiderr • 26 Jun 2008 (22:02 UTC)
bitweaver is community powered software. All of our contributors help with bitweaver because that enables them to complete their own endeavours, be it personal or professional. With our increased number of commits and features, bitweaver is looking for some talented individuals to help us grow. Any and all help is welcome, however, we do have several particular needs:

  • Project Manager 1 position - This is an Project Admin level position open for anyone with a strong sense of organization, and a passion for web technology. Coding skills not required.
  • Community Manager 2 positions - Help nuture and lead the community by tending to our forums, blogs, and outreach to other websites. Coding skills not required.
  • Release Manager 2 positions - URGENT Unix shell guru need to get our ReleaseProcess going when so we can improve our release frequency. Also tends the bug database . Coding skills not required.
  • Webmaster 1 position - Upkeep of the entire bitweaver.org website, in particular the wiki and usability improvements. No technical skills required, just a power user knowledge of bitweaver.
  • Software Developers are always welcome. Top notch coding skills required.

If interested, please Developer Center on IRC or the bitweaver-core mailing list.

Treasury Package Made More Valuable, and NEW Podcasts Package

Will • 12 Jun 2008 (16:48 UTC)
A significant new utility has been added to the TreasuryPackage: A script for converting it into your own custom gallery package. You say, "a custom gallery package? wha? who cares?, a gallery is a gallery is a gallery". So you might think, but think again. One of the great things about Treasury is that its generic, galleries with items and sub galleries in them. You can store anything in there. However, this is also its weakness for people looking for more specific gallery-to-item relationships. If you want to have say a gallery of data uploads, say word processing documents for example, or podcasts and audio episodes, would you want those all mixed in Treasury? And if you had those things on your site and did a search, would you want all results to say "TreasuryItems" even though some are Documents, and others are Podcast Episodes? With a new shell script included with Treasury you can convert the package to unique content types so that you can customize the package for those content types.

In Treasury you'll now find mkpackage.sh. You can run this file on the command line to convert Treasury to any package you want, and you can replace the content types of the TreasuryGallery and TreasuryItem with your own custom names. A great example is to consider if you want a PodcastsPackage. Podcasts are basically rss feeds of related mp3 files. Using the Treasury we can host multiple podcast programs, each with its own feed. Treasury Galleries are converted to Podcasts and Treasury Items are converted to episodes. Using the included shell script we just run:

./mkpackage.sh podcasts podcast podcasts episode episodes

and poof! we have a Podcasts package with unique content types. You can then add to this package if you want to customize it even further.

Because Treasury does not make perfect podcast rss feeds (after all its a general gallery package and does not include special rss tags for iTunes and such) we've created a few extra files that you can download as a podcasts kit. This has a special feeds file and some templates that have been customized to make your podcasts layout look nice. This kit also shows how with just a little tweaking of a TreasuryPackage conversion you can make new robust features for your website.

The great thing about this too is, by creating new content types from Treasury, you can have multiple instances of Treasury installed on your site, each a conversion from the original package, each tailored for a specific use.

Hope you enjoy.

This feature is currently only available from CVS, but will be included in the upcoming R2.1 release.

New Packages Beta Blast: Groups, Comments Moderation, and More!

Will • 02 May 2008 (01:37 UTC)
After much work the past three months we proudly announce the beta release of 5 new packages: GroupsPackage, LibertySecurePackage, ModerationPackage, ModCommentsPackage, SwitchboardPackage. These packages are stable enough to use on small sites, and we are looking for people to test them out. These packages can be obtained from cvs code repository or the links below. If you decide to run them you need to use them with the latest release R2.0.2 or update your install from cvs as well. Many upgrades to bitweaver have happened in the process of developing these packages. Because these are in Beta there will be minimal schema changes, there may in fact be none, but there is the off chance we may make a couple - changes will be posted to the SchemaChangelog.

Download Them Now:
Download Groups (requires all others)
Download Liberty Secure
Download Moderation
Download Mod Comments
Download Switchboard

Be sure to read the important install instructions on the GroupsPackage page.

Website developers will likely find the Groups and Liberty Secure packages the most exciting. Groups lets you create user group spaces on your website like Google Groups or Fickr Groups. However the Groups package goes beyond what you can do with Google Groups, letting groups include any variety of content types within their group. The Groups package fills a missing core component in bitweaver making its base feature set competitive with the most popular open source CMSs. You'll find more information about Groups capabilities on the package page linked above. Liberty Secure for its part is an extension of the custom content permissions of Liberty. Liberty Secure will provide strict permissions enforcement across all access points - most notably lists which under conventional custom content permissions do not limit access on private content. For those trying to run a tight security configuration Liberty Secure is indispensable. Website admins will also enjoy the features of ModComments which let admins and/or content owners hold comments for approval before they are made public.

CMS developers will likely find Switchboard and Moderations packages even more exciting. These are new system services that developers can build other features with. Switchboard is a communications package that provides a central way to register and send messages. It's registry and message sending functions greatly simplify setting up events like sending emails to groups of users. Moderations similarly provides a registry, but for defining ticket like processes. Developers can define the steps of a process and Moderations takes care of managing the process.

If you decide to install any of them, and would like to help us with final debugging please join us on IRC freenode channel #bitweaver and let us know.

Bitweaver VM Appliance

Marko Weltzer • 08 Apr 2008 (21:25 UTC)

Release of a bitweaver Vmware Appliance

Ever wondered if bitweaver could be the solution for your next web project? May it be a blog, a news site with a forum or a portal for much more services. Bitweaver can do this for you.

Yeah, most CMS say, that they have this or that feature, that you can "do it all with just 2 mouse clicks". So how are you going to know, which one would be the right one? Why don't you try for yourself what bitweaver can do for you?

The easy way to explore bitweaver is to just download the bitweaver VM and try it out without having to worry about your own system or configuring a web server or how to set u…

Does bitweaver deserve a Wikipedia page?

Kozuch • 11 Mar 2008 (07:22 UTC)
It seems we are facing similar problem like the guys from Openbravo - bitweaver has been actively deleted from Wikipedia. After several failed attempts to create the page, it was even deleted from the List of content management systems. The Bitweaver Wikipedia "issue" should be resolved as fast as possible.

Bitweaver 2.0 Now Shipping

Kozuch • 23 Nov 2007 (17:34 UTC)

Bitweaver, a web application framework and content management system with power, flexibility, and simplicity is now available. Bitweaver.org announces the second release of a cooperatively developed, open source web application that offers a complete suite of powerful web applications in a completely modular design.

With its second release, bitweaver completes the transition to a modular architecture for its open source web application framework.

Squash Us Some Bugs Days, Part 2!

DM • 02 Oct 2007 (15:30 UTC)
Wednesday, October 3rd and Thursday, October 4th, 2007 are official "Squash Us Some Bugs!" Days
Join us in IRC at 1pm UTC

With bitweaver R2 Release Candidate 3 ready for testing, it's time to make one final push and Squash Us Some Bugs! The R2 release is tantalizingly close. If you've been wondering how to help get it out the door this is your chance to lend a hand. We need people of all skill levels to help out, so even if you aren't a coder there will be lots of work you can do. Come help us test-drive new features and fix some bugs! If you have a browser and an IRC client you have all you need to lend a hand. [/w…

R2 Release Candidate 3 is now available

DM • 01 Oct 2007 (18:11 UTC)
Bitweaver R2 is almost here! The development team has been hard at work to get a new Release Candidate ready for testing. Please download it, test thoroughly, and post any issues to our Bug Tracker at SourceForge.

The latest improvements include a number of bugfixes and a complete overhaul of the liberty_attachments mechanism. New to this release is liberty_content_data, which holds a normalized summary of content description (the bit_pages.description column has been moved to that table).

If you already using an…

Now serving bitweaver R2 Release Candidate 1

spiderr • 27 Jun 2007 (12:27 UTC)
There is a bitweaver R2 release candidate now available. Please download it, and post any issues to our Bug tracker at sourceforge.

We are going to try to meet up on IRC this weekend for a R2 release review. We'll take our first stab at a Saturday, June 30 @ 20:00 GMT (2PM EST/ 8PM CET/ 11AM PST, etc...) on ConnectingToIrc. Stop by any time if you can. We might try again Sunday if this is beneficial.

Squash Us Some Bug Days!

Will • 09 Jun 2007 (08:57 UTC)
Wednesday, June 13th and Thursday, June 14th 2007 are official "Squash Us Some Bugs!" Days

If you are interested in an R2 release and have been wondering how to help us get it out the door this is your chance to lend a hand. We need people of all skill levels to help out so, even if you aren't a coder there will be lots of work to be done. If you have a browser and an irc client you have all you need to lend a hand.

We need people to find bugs, reproduce bugs, test bug fixes and of course coders to squash the bugs. We need people with IE6, IE7, Opera, Firefox and Safari to all lend…

Bringing Purity to Bitweaver

Will • 19 May 2007 (02:41 UTC)
Research and Development
Good bye unclosed HTML tags and broken layouts. Hello automagical strict HTML!

The Bitweaver team is pleased to announce the integration of HTMLPurifier into R2 CVS. HTML Purifier not only removes all malicious code (better known as Cross Site Scripting Attacks or XSS) but also makes sure your content is standards compliant. It will tidy your HTML closing all open tags, and remove any unwanted ones. This is particularly valuable for those wishing to use HTML format as well as for those who wish to allow HTML within the bitweaver and TikiWiki format

We Recommend Recommends

Will • 01 May 2007 (19:46 UTC)
Another new package was added to Bitweaver recently and we are finally getting around to telling you about it: RecommendsPackage. Recommends is inspired by the recommendation system on http://DailyKos.com. The basic idea behind Recommends is it lets your site visitors quickly rate new content as either worthy of checking out or not. Visitors can Recommend or Not Recommend content for a specified period of time. Content with enough recommendation votes qualifies for a "recommended" list. Once the time period for Recommending closes users can no longer recommend that content. This is great for community sites where you might have a lot of…

Home Sweet Sitehome

Will • 27 Mar 2007 (02:07 UTC)
Research and Development
The upgrades to bitweaver continue to roll in with another new package making its way into bitweaver: the SitehomePackage, put together by Lugie. This package is perfect for managing the homepage content of your site. The Sitehome Package lets you create a page for designation as your site's homepage. With this package and a little custom configuring to your root index.php file you can set any type of content or combination of content as your homepage, with a clean url. No redirects, no mod rewrite.

You create your site's home page just like you would a wiki page, using any of the plugins and includes and attachments to pull in other s…

Tag! bitweaver is it!

spiderr • 22 Mar 2007 (22:00 UTC)
Research and Development
Hey, exciting news as we barrel toward R2... right at the last minute we are banging out some major upgrades. Earlier this week we mentioned that the Blogs Package is getting an awesome overhaul. We are right on schedule to get that stable some time next week, meanwhile Nick Palmer and Will James have just slammed together a brand new package, Tags, from scratch. A much desired addition to bitweaver for some time, Tags lets you now do what you always wanted to do, put your content on sale. No, no, Tags lets you tag your content with key words! The Tags interface lets you sort content by tags and of course look at tags as a cloud.

There are…