New Packages Beta Blast: Groups, Comments Moderation, and More!

Will • 02 May 2008 (01:37 UTC)
After much work the past three months we proudly announce the beta release of 5 new packages: GroupsPackage, LibertySecurePackage, ModerationPackage, ModCommentsPackage, SwitchboardPackage. These packages are stable enough to use on small sites, and we are looking for people to test them out. These packages can be obtained from cvs code repository or the links below. If you decide to run them you need to use them with the latest release R2.0.2 or update your install from cvs as well. Many upgrades to bitweaver have happened in the process of developing these packages. Because these are in Beta there will be minimal schema changes, there may in fact be none, but there is the off chance we may make a couple - changes will be posted to the SchemaChangelog.

Download Them Now:
Download Groups (requires all others)
Download Liberty Secure
Download Moderation
Download Mod Comments
Download Switchboard

Be sure to read the important install instructions on the GroupsPackage page.

Website developers will likely find the Groups and Liberty Secure packages the most exciting. Groups lets you create user group spaces on your website like Google Groups or Fickr Groups. However the Groups package goes beyond what you can do with Google Groups, letting groups include any variety of content types within their group. The Groups package fills a missing core component in bitweaver making its base feature set competitive with the most popular open source CMSs. You'll find more information about Groups capabilities on the package page linked above. Liberty Secure for its part is an extension of the custom content permissions of Liberty. Liberty Secure will provide strict permissions enforcement across all access points - most notably lists which under conventional custom content permissions do not limit access on private content. For those trying to run a tight security configuration Liberty Secure is indispensable. Website admins will also enjoy the features of ModComments which let admins and/or content owners hold comments for approval before they are made public.

CMS developers will likely find Switchboard and Moderations packages even more exciting. These are new system services that developers can build other features with. Switchboard is a communications package that provides a central way to register and send messages. It's registry and message sending functions greatly simplify setting up events like sending emails to groups of users. Moderations similarly provides a registry, but for defining ticket like processes. Developers can define the steps of a process and Moderations takes care of managing the process.

If you decide to install any of them, and would like to help us with final debugging please join us on IRC freenode channel #bitweaver and let us know.