Treasury Package Made More Valuable, and NEW Podcasts Package

Will • 12 Jun 2008 (16:48 UTC)
A significant new utility has been added to the TreasuryPackage: A script for converting it into your own custom gallery package. You say, "a custom gallery package? wha? who cares?, a gallery is a gallery is a gallery". So you might think, but think again. One of the great things about Treasury is that its generic, galleries with items and sub galleries in them. You can store anything in there. However, this is also its weakness for people looking for more specific gallery-to-item relationships. If you want to have say a gallery of data uploads, say word processing documents for example, or podcasts and audio episodes, would you want those all mixed in Treasury? And if you had those things on your site and did a search, would you want all results to say "TreasuryItems" even though some are Documents, and others are Podcast Episodes? With a new shell script included with Treasury you can convert the package to unique content types so that you can customize the package for those content types.

In Treasury you'll now find You can run this file on the command line to convert Treasury to any package you want, and you can replace the content types of the TreasuryGallery and TreasuryItem with your own custom names. A great example is to consider if you want a PodcastsPackage. Podcasts are basically rss feeds of related mp3 files. Using the Treasury we can host multiple podcast programs, each with its own feed. Treasury Galleries are converted to Podcasts and Treasury Items are converted to episodes. Using the included shell script we just run:

./ podcasts podcast podcasts episode episodes

and poof! we have a Podcasts package with unique content types. You can then add to this package if you want to customize it even further.

Because Treasury does not make perfect podcast rss feeds (after all its a general gallery package and does not include special rss tags for iTunes and such) we've created a few extra files that you can download as a podcasts kit. This has a special feeds file and some templates that have been customized to make your podcasts layout look nice. This kit also shows how with just a little tweaking of a TreasuryPackage conversion you can make new robust features for your website.

The great thing about this too is, by creating new content types from Treasury, you can have multiple instances of Treasury installed on your site, each a conversion from the original package, each tailored for a specific use.

Hope you enjoy.

This feature is currently only available from CVS, but will be included in the upcoming R2.1 release.


by Bobby Richardson, 17 Jun 2008 (04:41 UTC)
Wow! You guys are coming up with features faster than I can assimilate those that already exist!

I wanna be you when I grow up.