Help Wanted! bitweaver is growing!

Anonymous • 26 Jun 2008 (22:02 UTC)



by , 27 Jun 2008 (09:28 UTC)
I am sure I could take up some of that work, hopefully Project Manager and Webmaster, most likely also a piece of any position. My problem is just that I would not hang out on IRC that much and you seem kind of "closed" community there to me because of this. So if someone wants to give me sf and bw.o admin permissions, please go ahead and tell me here.

Re: Help

by , 28 Jun 2008 (11:59 UTC)
Hi Kozuch, Webmaster sounds great. I checked and you should have all the permissions you need now. Most of us do hang out on IRC 24/7 because it is a highly efficient mechanism for group development. We are not closed at all, and lots of users drop by.

Project Manager involves community management, release management, andn webmastering combined. So a key accomplishments are getting releases out, running a MediaBlitz, and overall becoming a crucial part of growing the project. Usually someone steps up and takes responsibilty for these things and we invite them as an admin.

community manager

by mmln, 24 Jul 2008 (03:27 UTC)
I can do community manager role.
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