Configuring Bitweaver with YAML

Will • 02 Sep 2009 (14:25 UTC)
To jump on the bandwagon bitweaver now has nascent support for configuring installs using YAML files. The new package YamlConfig provides two new features to administrators: The ability to dump configuration settings to YAML, and the ability to change configuration settings using YAML. This greatly simplifies porting settings between multiple installs, whether you are running multiple sites or have development sandboxes and live sites.

This package also has a promising future in that it can grow to enable easy bulk uploading of content by admins and editors or regular users.

YamlConfig is available from cvs:

co _bit_yamlconfig

YamlConfig is dependent on the Horde/Yaml php library. Horde/Yaml is distributed using PEAR. To get Horde/Yaml run these on the command line (sudo may be required):

pear channel-discover
pear install horde/yaml

Or you can download Horde/Yaml from the project website.