Oracle Reservations for Two

spiderr • 19 Feb 2006 (17:35 UTC)
Research and Development

We went to talk to the Oracle, and here is what she said:
  1. Your installer needs fixing
  2. Database objects can only be 30 characters
  3. Quoting every column is a pain in the @#$!

We obeyed her comands, and the voila! HEAD now installs cleanly on oracle. See the sandbox for living proof.

Oracle defaults to the SQL standard of UPPER CASING everything that is not specifically double quoted. This caused a catch-22 in the installer by not being able to choose the oci8 or oci8po ADODB drivers for complete functionality. So we made some tweaks in the ADODB DataDict classes to enable Oracle installation, however we still had to have every query and object be case sensitive. Being a lazy guy, I can understand how typing quotes in sqlplus/toad/tora is enough to drive anyone mad. In order to remove the quotes, we have to change all the sql reserved words to enable quoteless queries. /lester and I have been digging through the schema_inc's and renaming all column and objects and we have made really good progress, as can be seen by the SchemaChangelog.

Currently, a fresh build or checkout from cvs HEAD should work great.


Firebird gain

by Lester Caine, 26 Feb 2006 (21:31 UTC)
The same changes have allowed Firebird to also install with quoting of tables and filed names switched off!

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