bitweaver vs 'the man': Will takes on NYC cronies

spiderr • 13 Mar 2006 (15:50 UTC)
Downtown Brooklyn is growing up, literally, and residents are not happy about the way decisions are being made about their community. So Will James, developer of our very exciting GmapPackage, has launched a campaign to defend his very own Brooklyn against cronyism and government corruption. See Will's amazing Google Maps visualization of his neighborhoods proposed development.

Land developer Michael Ratner tried to sneak his plans through the government approval system through the back door. "The problem is the process by which Ratner's plan is being approved. This has been an insider deal from the start. The MTA, which owns part of the property Ratner wants to develop on is basically gifting the property to Ratner". See OnNyTurf for more gory details.

We wish Will luck!