bitweaver 1.3 available!

Jerry Russell • 23 Mar 2006 (13:13 UTC)
More stability, more features, better performance, it just keeps getting better! We're happy to announce that bitweaver version 1.3 is now available. The great features we introduced in version 1.2.1 have stood the test, and have been accented with even more tools to make your site management tasks a much more enjoyable experience.

You asked for it, you got it.

With bitweaver 1.3 you won't need to look for a third party solution to get valuable information to your site visitors, we've provided just the tool you need with the addition of the built in newsletter package.
  • Allow your registered users to sign up for a variety of different newsletters
  • Set the registration type that's right for your site
  • Display newsletters to all visitors or just to certain groups, depending on your needs
  • Save newsletters as a draft, there's no need to compromise the quality of your message.
And many more features that are simply too exhaustive to go into here. Download your copy of bitweaver 1.3 today and give this package a spin. If you're already running the previous version of bitweaver, we've made upgrading a snap, please view bitweaverUpgrade for detailed instructions on the process.

Updates and fixes

Our developers have spent more than one late night getting the features already included in bitweaver working as flawlessly as possible. Most importantly. search has been improved to allow searching of an entire site with better results and no need to search inside specific modules.

Many other under the hood improvements have been made since the last release. this is only a brief list of the over 1,000 updates provided in this release.
  • Errors relating to dos/windows EOL issues
  • Improvements to BitSystem methods to avoid conflicts with new content preferences
  • The upgrader has been improved in many areas
  • Unnecessary code removed from bitweaver Javascript routines

If you're already using bitweaver, be sure to update your installation, you'll be glad you did.

If you haven't taken the time to install and test drive bitweaver, now is the time to do so. Grab your favorite beverage and relax while you get your copy. we're confident you'll agree that it's the best CMS experience you've ever had.



by Peter Moore, 31 Mar 2006 (00:05 UTC)
Well done guys. I shall put it through a few tests today.

Excellent work!

by tamara, 18 Sep 2006 (11:52 UTC)
Since last week I have been looking for a suitable CMS for a website I want to create. I have set up Drupal, Joomla and e107. I am a web programmer(perl originally, now mainly php) but new to CMS. I feel like Alice in Wonderland! And 2 days ago I discovered Bitweaver. How is it it did not make it to the Packt CMS list? The reason might be that it is a bit intimidating at the first sight so not for everyone. As a web developer I find it perfect for me. In fact it seems to have most of the features I am looking for and could not find in the other CMS packages. I was happy but then thought: What about the documentation? What about extending Bitweaver? Well, no problem. The documentation and the tutorials are excellent. I fullheartedly recommend Bitweaver to anybody with a bit of programming experience.

My thanks and my congratulations on what you have created. It is indeed the best CMS experience I have had so far (:biggrin:)


by reishi, 28 Sep 2006 (21:14 UTC)
good scripts