Surprise Packages! SampleCorp, Spelling, and Stars

spiderr • 01 May 2006 (15:17 UTC)
We've added some great new packages recently:

SampleCorp earnings to exceed expectations
We have just started a new package intended to demonstrate how bitweaver can be expanded in a corporate environment. To get things started, it demonstrates the ability to authenticate users from an external database, as described in the Custom Authentication Tutorial. We are working on making this usable for both ReleaseOne and ReleaseTwo. Drop by ConnectingToIrc if you are interested in using this.
cvs checkout _bit_samplecorp

StarsPackage shines brightly
Xing's great work on our new content rating system, known as "Stars", has finally come to light. As can be seen throughout, the rating system is already in action. We intend to improve it over next few months, and it will be one of the great additions to ReleaseTwo.
cvs checkout _bit_stars

Ajax BnspellPackage keeps our content clean
Our new spell checking package based on the great work from broken notebook uses Ajax and pspell to provde a very fast and integrated spell checker. This is actually usable on any text area, not just LibertyPackage's. We have lots of plans, including per-user dictionaries and more. If you are interested in working on this, we would love to have you GetInvolved!
cvs checkout _bit_bnspell



by Kozuch, 02 May 2006 (16:36 UTC)
Shouldn't bw.o articles get some more editing to be possibly understandable to the general public??? (:wink:)

Hey, don't forget MetaPackage!

by lphuberdeau, 10 May 2006 (20:08 UTC)
Coming up for R2.