We did it again!

xing • 25 Jan 2006 (21:52 UTC)
Again we have made bitweaver more stable and feature rich. The latest version of bitweaver even includes a very basic ajax based chat package, which allows you to use your site to communicate with other users in real time.

We have updated various third part applications including phpBB. Upgrading from previous versions of bitweaver therefore requires that you upgrade your phpBB database tables as well. When you replace your filebasewith the latest version, you will have to follow the phpBB upgrade instructions to get your phpBB related database tables up to speed. Please view bitweaverUpgrade for more detailed instructions.

a brief summary of the changes included

we have squared away numerous bugs and cleaned up our interface even more - especially the wiki books section. LibertyStructure has undergone some database optimisations and applying center pieces in the layout accepts parameters and works well, as demonstrated on this site!

Under the hood developements includes an update of most of our third party applications:
  • adodb - version 4.7.0 (database abstraction layer)
  • smarty - version 2.6.12 (template engine)
  • geshi - version (code highlighter)
  • phpBB - version 2.0.19 (message board)
  • markdown - version 1.0.1c (optional text parser)
  • please view ReleaseOneChangeLog for a more detailed list of changes

so, why don't you get yourself a nice glass of wine and a good piece of cheese while you download the latest version of bitweaver?


Nice work you guys!

by Edog, 26 Jan 2006 (00:34 UTC)
Especially looking forward to the new version of PHPBB

by Jay, 26 Jan 2006 (01:10 UTC)
This is great, Just uploaded a fresh 1.2.1 to my test server - Checkin' things out now.

One of the great things about Bitweaver is the constant development.
Keep it up guys. (:biggrin:)