R2 begins its campaign. Build candidate available!

spiderr • 23 Oct 2006 (03:30 UTC)
For some of us, election season is in the air. Never one to be satisfied with the usual field of candidates, I have just built, downloaded and tested a build candidate (download) for ReleaseTwo Alpha 1. If there are no major problems, this will become an official release that we will push over to Sourceforge. Please post your experiences to the newly created release forum.

Many of us are using R2 already for production sites. It is quite stable and packed with new features. We are always looking for help with just about everything - code, site documentation, theming/graphics and more. If you would like to GetInvolved, please don't be shy.

Does it upgrade?

Yes, it should upgrade well. The only known issue is comments and the new materialized path structure.

What does Alpha mean, and not mean? It means we have put a schema lock on database changes. However, we have not branched to R2 yet, so there might be some if a good argument is made for them. Keep an eye on the SchemaChangelog if you start using R2 heavily.

PS If you are a shell junkie, you can use this all-in-one command line to snag the latest build and get all ready to install:

rm bitweaver_R2_alpha1candidate1.tar.gz; sudo rm -Rf bitweaver_R2_alpha1candidate1; dropdb bwR2; createdb bwR2; wget http://www.bitweaver.org/builds/bitweaver_R2_alpha1candidate1.tar.gz; tar -xzf bitweaver_R2_alpha1candidate1.tar.gz; mv bitweaver bitweaver_R2_alpha1candidate1; touch bitweaver_R2_alpha1candidate1/kernel/config_inc.php; chmod 777 -R bitweaver_R2_alpha1candidate1/temp bitweaver_R2_alpha1candidate1/storage bitweaver_R2_alpha1candidate1/kernel/config_inc.php



by Kozuch, 27 Oct 2006 (13:44 UTC)
Great news to me (:biggrin:)