Tag! bitweaver is it!

spiderr • 22 Mar 2007 (22:00 UTC)
Research and Development
Hey, exciting news as we barrel toward R2... right at the last minute we are banging out some major upgrades. Earlier this week we mentioned that the Blogs Package is getting an awesome overhaul. We are right on schedule to get that stable some time next week, meanwhile Nick Palmer and Will James have just slammed together a brand new package, Tags, from scratch. A much desired addition to bitweaver for some time, Tags lets you now do what you always wanted to do, put your content on sale. No, no, Tags lets you tag your content with key words! The Tags interface lets you sort content by tags and of course look at tags as a cloud.

There are some cool admin features in TagsPackage that make it quite nice. There are a variety of sanitation features you can enable with a check of the box, including forcing all tags to lower case, removing all white spaces if you like, and even doing custom regex for removing or replacing things like George Carlin's 7 favorites.

Tags will shortly be included in the regular checkout of bitweaver from cvs, and you can get it now by checking out the bitweaverCVS module _bit_tags.