We Recommend Recommends

Will • 01 May 2007 (19:46 UTC)
Another new package was added to Bitweaver recently and we are finally getting around to telling you about it: RecommendsPackage. Recommends is inspired by the recommendation system on http://DailyKos.com. The basic idea behind Recommends is it lets your site visitors quickly rate new content as either worthy of checking out or not. Visitors can Recommend or Not Recommend content for a specified period of time. Content with enough recommendation votes qualifies for a "recommended" list. Once the time period for Recommending closes users can no longer recommend that content. This is great for community sites where you might have a lot of new content and you want to empower your community to promote the new content they think is best.

Recommends also includes modules for displaying the more recently and most highly recommended content on the site. After a period of time recommended content also leaves the "recommended" list, that way whatever is on the recommended list is always fresh. As admin you can choose how long all these time periods are and how many votes are required for content to be recommended. You can also control which content types can be recommend and which can not, so if you want users rating blog posts, but not rating wiki pages, you can control that.

Recommends is written for R2. You can check it out by getting _bit_recommends from cvs.