Squash Us Some Bug Days!

Anonymous • 09 Jun 2007 (08:57 UTC)


Ohh, fun fun!

by , 08 Jun 2007 (04:23 UTC)
I will attend!

by , 08 Jun 2007 (09:55 UTC)
For more information on getting involved please read the SquashUsSomeBugs page.

SourceForge bug list link

by , 08 Jun 2007 (18:14 UTC)

you must have been reading my mind lik two days ago as wanted to call for some testers... (:mrgreen:)

Well, we need to test code, submit bugs and review submitted ones at SourceForge bug tracker.

Bad timing

by , 11 Jun 2007 (11:52 UTC)

by , 12 Jun 2007 (16:52 UTC)
Great idea! I'll be happy to help!

I really like the days

by , 14 Jun 2007 (16:37 UTC)
Looks like a lot of debugging is really being done. We should have bugs days every few months.

Well done!

by , 21 Jun 2007 (18:14 UTC)
Seems like there has been a significant number of bugs killed during these bug days. Congrats to killers!
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