Bitweaver 2.0 Now Shipping

Kozuch • 23 Nov 2007 (17:34 UTC)

Bitweaver, a web application framework and content management system with power, flexibility, and simplicity is now available. announces the second release of a cooperatively developed, open source web application that offers a complete suite of powerful web applications in a completely modular design.

With its second release, bitweaver completes the transition to a modular architecture for its open source web application framework.

The Freedom of Choice

bitweaver's foundation is the modular "bitweaverPackages" system, which simply segments major feature sets into separate components. This empowers developers to quickly add their own proprietary functionality while maintaining a pristine mainline source. It also follows that developers can quickly remove undesirable code with a simple stroke of the delete key. This nets the benefits of open-source development and independent control.

Powerful new Blogging, Forums, Google Maps, Stars, and Tags

Many innovative new features have been added to ReleaseTwo as well as many improvements. New features include a ForumsPackage, GmapPackage, StarsPackage, and TagsPackage.

Improvements include an overhauled BlogsPackage, feature-rich FisheyePackage image galleries package, and vast improvements to the underlying content-management engine, the LibertyPackage.

Web 2.0 Any Way You Like It.

In keeping with bitweaver's open-minded architecture, ReleaseTwo has added support for several Ajax libraries. Each package page can elect to use it's own Ajax library as needed, be it MochiKit, Prototype, or any other popular library.

The CssSchema has been overhauled into a simple, unified design across all packages, allowing for styling generally or styling for specific items of content.

Clean and Powerful

Starting with a simple, powerful installer and continuing through to its streamlined architecture and design, bitweaver ReleaseTwo continues to build a loyal following of professionals and technologists. Special thanks go out to more than 50 developers and contributors who have helped made this release so a success. The bitweaver team has continually pounded the source at a tremendous pace of one source commit every 1.6 hours every day for 2.5 years, tallying up 13,000 commits since its first major release.

Download bitweaver 2 now.

See full Press Release Two.


Web Developer

by Caesonia, 25 Feb 2008 (05:39 UTC)
In a word? It stinks. It is virtually impossible to install. I really try and be a big supporter of OS projects, and donate money, but continue to be annoyed that it impossible to get any of these things to work as documented. mambo was a bloody disaster, because I can't train business clients to use it, but this simply won;t install, and I can't seem to uninstall it. It's totally screwed my development server. Thanks for agreat product that requires a fricken rocket scientist to attempt to install!

Re: Web Developer

by Kozuch, 26 Feb 2008 (10:08 UTC)
Did you try to install from the following file - There was a 2.0.1 version linked for download until today and I do not know whether it was supposed to release at all (my sorry). Unfortunatelly, the devs do not communicate much lately... (:sad:)

Re: Web Developer

by laetzer, 21 Mar 2008 (17:13 UTC)
There's nothing to uninstall. Delete the directory – uninstalled. Voila. List off the impossibilities that you encountered and you will find help.

Hmmm...the devs are not communicating?

by TheWabbit, 18 Mar 2008 (10:04 UTC)
What do you mean the devs are not communicating(:confused:)!
Is this project still actively being developed? It would be shame if not. I've not tried the latest distro but bitweaver has always just installed for me ez-pz.

Re: Hmmm...the devs are not communicating?

by Kozuch, 09 Apr 2008 (17:43 UTC)
From my point of view, they could talk a bit more - but that is truly my personal opinion. There have been tons of super-perfect software (which I think bw is) failing because they lacked something else than just outstanding code and 1000s functions.

Too many bugs for me

by Perry Myklebost, 24 Apr 2008 (11:31 UTC)
I like the idea of Bitweaver – a “supersized” version of TikiWiki.

Sadly, both products are loaded with bugs and right now the product with the least amount of bugs is TikiWiki (Version 1.9.11, version 1.10 has too many bugs). Hopefully at some point Bitweaver will do a full Beta testing and I can migrate from TikiWiki to Bitweaver.

Good luck guys….