ReleaseTwo: Shedding that last bits of our roots, finding the core of our being

spiderr • 31 Jan 2006 (22:07 UTC)
Research and Development

"bitweavercore" leaner than ever

The cvs module named "bitweavercore" is the absolute minimum functionality needed for a clean framework that gives you a complete site. That includes a Smarty based theming system, users, internationalization, and a CMS engine. Snag the SamplePackage, and you are ready to start your own custom php application.

Along these lines, we have been gutting the UsersPackage to include less and less functionality. Anything non-essential has been moved to the new TidbitsPackage.

This means that you'll probably have to execute:

cvs co _bit_tidbits
in your bitweaver root directory, apply the
SQL on the page to get the full functionality of the users package back.


This has been bugging many people for a while now: the 'tiki_' prefix in front of all database tables.

it's just been removed in head!

Of course this means that your next cvs update in head will wreck your site temporarily, but spider has put up the SQL to fix it in a quick and painless process. See SchemaChangeLog for details. The bitweaver installer isn't up for the upgrade process yet, but should be ready soon.

As promised, cvs HEAD is a bumpy ride and we hope to keep it that way!

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