Bitweaver VM Appliance

Marko Weltzer • 08 Apr 2008 (21:25 UTC)

Release of a bitweaver Vmware Appliance

Ever wondered if bitweaver could be the solution for your next web project? May it be a blog, a news site with a forum or a portal for much more services. Bitweaver can do this for you.

Yeah, most CMS say, that they have this or that feature, that you can "do it all with just 2 mouse clicks". So how are you going to know, which one would be the right one? Why don't you try for yourself what bitweaver can do for you?

The easy way to explore bitweaver is to just download the bitweaver VM and try it out without having to worry about your own system or configuring a web server or how to set up a database.
All you need is Vmware Player or Vmware Server, which you can find on the Vmware site.

Just finish the easy web installation of bitweaver and then you can dive into the fun of exploring bitweaver.

You can find more Infos either on my site and also packed into the VM.

Feedback (the kind of constructive one) is always appreciated.
Contact Infos are on my profile.



it's cool!

by laetzer, 20 Apr 2008 (21:30 UTC)
gonna try it


by , 09 Apr 2010 (12:23 UTC)
Hye - this is exactly what i am looking for but when i click on the link i get this error :


You don't have permission to access /centos5.1_bitweaver.tgz on this server.
Apache Server at Port 80