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Bitweaver is a free and open source web application framework and content management system. Its speed and power are ideal for large-scale community websites and corporate applications, but it is simple enough for non-technical small site users to set up and administrate. It comes fully featured on install but is modular and easy to extend.

New: Release 3.1 Is Here Release 3 is a completely fresh release. Get Support if you have any issues.

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Major Blogs Package Upgrade Underway

Will • 18 Mar 2007 (18:08 UTC)
Research and Development
We have exciting news, we are undertaking a major upgrade of the blogs package! The blogs package has been one of the most in need of upgrading from tikiwiki's structure. The changes are excellent, however they are not complete. And the process of completing this work could be disruptive to existing bitweaver R2 installs. New changes to blogs are being inserted into HEAD branch in cvs. If you are running an R2 site and using the blogs package it is VERY IMPORTANT that you NOT cvs up blogs until the full refactoring is complete.

To avoid accidentally cvs updating your blogs dir, you should:
mv blogs/CVS blogs/CVS_DISABLE

We expect t…

R2 is coming. bitcommerce and bitweaver go beta!

spiderr • 07 Feb 2007 (15:32 UTC)
Research and Development
We have released two highly anticipated beta builds - bitweaver R2 and bitcommerce for R2. Please download and post your experiences on the release forum thread.

Bitweaver from the webmastering point of view

Kozuch • 07 Feb 2007 (12:52 UTC)
I just would like to share some insights I got while using Bitweaver on one of my sites - it is called OpenBook Project and runs since May 2006

R2 begins its campaign. Build candidate available!

spiderr • 23 Oct 2006 (03:30 UTC)
For some of us, election season is in the air. Never one to be satisfied with the usual field of candidates, I have just built, downloaded and tested a build candidate (download) for ReleaseTwo Alpha 1. If there are no major problems, this will become an official release that we will push over to Sourceforge. Please post your experiences to the newly created release forum.

Many of us are using R2 already for production sites. It is quite stable and packed with new features. We are always looking for help with just about everything - code, site documentation,…

Webmastering Bitweaver Blog

Kozuch • 30 Sep 2006 (17:55 UTC)
Research and Development
Do you run a Bitweaver site, would like to or are you just interested in a good CMS? A brand new Webmastering Bitweaver blog was created where you can get to know the latest insights from running a Bitweaver website. There has already been 2 post published called Bitweaver from the webmastering poing of view and Bitweaver - the best CMS I have found so far. Feel free to join the blog and share your thoughts too! We are looking forward your reading!

Bitweaver one of the most popular Content Management Systems!

Kozuch • 30 Sep 2006 (09:51 UTC)
We are proud to announce that our Bitweaver is the 3rd most visited listing at OpenSourceCMS from over 100 CMS listings. Bitweaver achieved a rating of 3.76 and got a total of 201451 hits. The first three places look like this (hits/day): 1. Joomla (1107), 2. AIOCP (1106) and 3. Bitweaver (959).

bitweaver 1.3.1 is now available

Jerry Russell • 19 Jun 2006 (13:10 UTC)
Bitweaver 1.3.1 is now available. While primarily a bugfix release, 1.3.1 does offer up some very shiny new features, such as an upgrade from phpBB 2.0.19 to phpBB 2.0.20 and updates to the newsletter package.

It is simply impossible to list the number of modifications and updates made by the bitweaver team since the release of bitweaver 1.3. There have literally been hundreds of changes to…

Surprise Packages! SampleCorp, Spelling, and Stars

spiderr • 01 May 2006 (15:17 UTC)
We've added some great new packages recently:

SampleCorp earnings to exceed expectations
We have just started a new package intended to demonstrate how bitweaver can be expanded in a corporate environment. To get things started, it demonstrates the ability to authenticate users from an external database, as described in the Custom Authentication Tutorial. We are working on making this usable for both ReleaseOne and ReleaseTwo. Drop by ConnectingToIrc if you are interested in using this.
cvs checkout _bit_samplecorp

StarsPackage shines brightly
Xing's great work on our new content rating system, known…

bitweaver 1.3 available!

Jerry Russell • 23 Mar 2006 (13:13 UTC)
More stability, more features, better performance, it just keeps getting better! We're happy to announce that bitweaver version 1.3 is now available. The great features we introduced in version 1.2.1 have stood the test, and have been accented with even more tools to make your site management tasks a much more enjoyable experience.

You asked for it, you got it.

With bitweaver 1.3 you w…

bitweaver vs 'the man': Will takes on NYC cronies

spiderr • 13 Mar 2006 (15:50 UTC)
Downtown Brooklyn is growing up, literally, and residents are not happy about the way decisions are being made about their community. So Will James, developer of our very exciting GmapPackage, has launched a campaign to defend his very own Brooklyn against cronyism and government corruption. See Will's amazing Google Maps visualization of his neighborhoods proposed development.

Land developer Michael Ratner tried to sneak his plans through the government approval system through the back door. "The problem is the process by which Ratner's plan is being approved. This has been an ins…

Oracle Reservations for Two

spiderr • 19 Feb 2006 (17:35 UTC)
Research and Development

We went to talk to the Oracle, and here is what she said:
  1. Your installer needs fixing
  2. Database objects can only be 30 characters
  3. Quoting every column is a pain in the @#$!

We obeyed her comands, and the voila! HEAD now installs cleanly on oracle. See the sandbox for living proof.

Oracle defaults to the SQL standard of UPPER CASING everything that is not specifically double quoted. This caused a catch-22 in the installer by not being able to choose the oci8 or oci8po ADODB drivers for complete functionality. So…

ReleaseTwo: Shedding that last bits of our roots, finding the core of our being

spiderr • 31 Jan 2006 (22:07 UTC)
Research and Development

"bitweavercore" leaner than ever

The cvs module named "bitweavercore" is the absolute minimum functionality needed for a clean framework that gives you a complete site. That includes a Smarty based theming system, users, internationalization, and a CMS engine. Snag the SamplePackage, and you are ready to start your own custom php application.

Along these lines, we have been gutting the UsersPackage to include less and less functionality. Anything non-essential has been moved to the new TidbitsPackage.

This means that you'll probably have to execute:

cvs co _bit_tidbits
in your bitweaver root directory…

Lucene in the Sky with Diamonds!

spiderr • 29 Jan 2006 (18:00 UTC)
Research and Development

We started the LucenePackage this weekend, and already we are thrilled with the results. Wanna see for yourself? Try a lucene search now...

The lucene project is a "is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library" that is maintained by the Apache foundation. It is extremely powerful, fast, and popular. For bitweaver's LucenePackage, we are using the Java lucene.jar as well as the C++ version, clucene combined with php-clucene. The cluce…

We did it again!

xing • 25 Jan 2006 (21:52 UTC)
Again we have made bitweaver more stable and feature rich. The latest version of bitweaver even includes a very basic ajax based chat package, which allows you to use your site to communicate with other users in real time.

We have updated various third part applications including phpBB. Upgrading from previous versions of bitweaver therefore requires that you upgrade your phpBB database tables as well. When you replace your filebase

HEAD ON! Support has been added for Pear::DB!

spiderr • 25 Jan 2006 (21:42 UTC)
Research and Development
As of yesterday, myself and xing have moved primarily to HEAD for development. R1 has been stable and cooking in the oven for nearly 9 months, and we feel it's in great shape. Now it is time to move forward with our conquest to the top of the php applications empire.

Along those lines, we have already made many great changes. First, we have some people wanting to use bitweaver, however they want to use Pear::DB instead of ADODB. I have abstracted out our BitDB class and the core is now working 100% on both, with a simple toggle of a variable in kernel/config_inc.php

ADODB is our prefered mechanism and is still required for things like t…

TikiWiki 1.9 Upgrades

spiderr • 19 Jan 2006 (08:09 UTC)
Research and Development
Today we made some commits that will give the option to upgrade a TikiWiki 1.9 install to bitweaver R1. If you are stuck with mysql, you will need to be on 4.1 or greater. If you are wanting to port a TW1.9, it should work with the latest CVS or FreshBuild of ReleaseOne. Please drop by ConnectingToIrc and report any results you find!

Newsletters News and Center Pieces are Falling Into Place

spiderr • 09 Jan 2006 (09:15 UTC)
Research and Development
The NewslettersPackage has received a major overhaul, refactoring, and feature improvements. So much so that the NewslettersPackage is becoming a powerful "email marketing tool". At this point the schema is pretty much settled down, and there is a bevy of beautiful features, including:
  • Use of phpMailer
  • Tight integration with groups in the UsersPackage
  • Message tracking number of Reads
  • Users can now permanently unsubscribe from Everything.
  • Newsletters and their editions are now publically browseable (or not)
Currently the package is

Wiki Book Bug

xing • 27 Dec 2005 (13:24 UTC)
Bug Reports
i have just realised that version bitweaver 1.2 has a small, but potentially annoying bug. when you delete a page in a wiki book, it removes the actual page along with it, instead of just it's place in the book. the problem is easily fixed, and i don't think it warrants an extra release version. if you plan on using wiki books in any way, please read on

bitweaver version 1.2 released

xing • 26 Dec 2005 (10:49 UTC)
Security Notices
Recently a moderate security flaw in bitweaver has been uncovered. This release should patch up these problems and we therefore recommend you upgrade your version of bitweaver to version 1.2 as soon as possible. As usual, you can find upgrade instructions on our bitweaverUpgrade page.

In addition to the secruty fixes, we include the greatly anticipated ArticlesPackage, which allows you to announce important events and news easily and effectively.

You can grab a copy of the new release here.

thanks for using bitweaver.