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Created by: Arnaud HERVE, 11 Aug 2005 (13:09 UTC)
Last modified: 27 Sep 2006 (15:25 UTC)

Unplugged in the lost world of ancient libraries

By Arnaud HERVE
Wednesday, September 27, 2006
I haven't posted here since September 2005, nor participated in discussions. I want to apologize and give an explanation, while developing my new outlook on CMS development.

Last year for reasons of poverty, I had to move to a bungalow in a camping ground, in which I had to spend the winter. Chilling cold, and very tedious to walk from there to take a rare remote suburb bus. Things are getting better now, and I'm in a proper flat downtown. I think maybe the real material life of opensource so…

Prospects for a complex wiki

By Arnaud HERVE
Sunday, September 18, 2005
Let's face it: for most users in the world, the standard wiki is Mediawiki. That is not because Mediawiki is particularly superior, it is clearly because Wikipedia is the reference wiki in the world. Average webmasters today will install Mediawiki when they need a wiki, average users will think "this is not a wiki" when they don't see the default Wikipedia interface, and they will say it's wrong and boring to learn when it is not Mediawiki syntax.

It is important in the world of software not…

Having a blog vs Articles vs Forums

By Arnaud HERVE
Thursday, August 11, 2005
The Blog feature of a CMS bears many resemblances with the Articles feature, and indeed some systems available on the web hardly make any difference.

Both deal with texts displayed by chronological order, and this post is about making the Blog really different.

In my opinion a Blog should be the personal voice of the author, whereas Articles should be objective. Just imagine Articles categories as assigned to Groups and one blog only assigned to one person.

Therefore a Blog should enhan…