Major overhaul of admin & installer
posted by spiderr on 21 May 2004 (07:00 UTC)
I have given the Installer and Admin sections a major overhaul.

The installer is now nicely modularized, and you can arbitrarly install only the packages you want. You can install additional packages at a later date with or without destorying existing tables. Work that needs to be done is dependency checking, and some decent security & confirmation steps when re-installing.

Admin menu code has been broken out to package/templates/menu_package_admin.tpl file that gets searched for and included on main admin page. This marks final steps in complete modularization. Work to be done is to part out all remaining package sepecific code from kernel/setup_inc.php to appropriate package/tiki_setup_inc.php file.

All of this is in the HEAD branch of the bitweaverCVS

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