Documenting TikiSystem

by fire
Thursday, December 09, 2004
Posted to Fire's Blog
Hey everyone,

I have rejoined the project... had a bit of a lull there for a bit cuz I have been busy getting settled into my new city: Seoul, South Korea!
I must say its pretty damn busy here!
Anyhow, since Im back in - Im trying to start a documentation initiative of bitweaver - so that us new developers can get up to speed quickly.

Today, Xing, and Spiderr helped me understand the first few elements of the bitweaver code, and I posted my "learnings" into the kernalization wiki page

my next efforts to takle TikiSystem.php!

I hope you'll help me unravel the beast!
cheers fellow bitweaver'ers!


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Anonymous Post

Just Type It

by SEWilco, 13 Dec 2004 (04:52 UTC)
You can remove the narration in KernelInitialization and polish the information. If someone who knew the material had written the documentation then it would already exist. (:idea:)

Just keep updating stuff when you learn something and help weave all this together.

Re: Re: what sort of form?

by xing, 23 Jul 2004 (13:47 UTC)
uhhhh, that sounds like a good idea (wonder if that's compatible with the color picker - i suppose we'll just have to try and see)
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