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A collection of bitweaver (version 2) compatible icon styles.

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Blue Smileys

Blue Smileys

a set of blue smiley icons. unpack this in your bitweaver directory and it will automatically extract the icons in themes/force/icons/smileys/. this will override all simileys on your bitweaver site with the blue ones.
09 Jul 2007


This script will convert a Icon Naming Convention compliant SVG Gnome or KDE icon theme to a usable bitweaver icon theme. Please place this file into the icon theme you downloaded and execute it with: ./biticonification.sh. The script should do the rest for you...
12 Jan 2007


a nice and simple icon style. has gif copies of all png images so it will display with transparency for MSIE browsers.
18 Dec 2006
High Contrast

High Contrast

A high contrast icon theme bundled with gnome-themes. purely monochrome.
The icon style is not complete and will be updated as new icons are added to CVS.
07 Sep 2006

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