Here you can upload and download custom bitweaver packages. Packages are self-contained entities that can be installed for additional functionality. Bitweaver differentiates between internal and custom packages. Internal packages are Wiki, Blogs, Forums, Articles, Nexus (Menus), Pigeonholes (Categories), and many more. A custom package is a standalone application that has been modified in a way to fit into bitweaver.

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Freetag is an open source tagging system. here i uploaded a non-functional implementation of the freetag class into bitweaver. it's meant as a starting point for someone who is willing to finish this. i've converted the database to DataDict Schema and freetags installs without a problem. Now, all that is left to be done is clean up the freetag queries that they are truly cross database compatible and add a couple of templates to add tags.
16 Sep 2006

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