bw.o updated, new boards code

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bw.o updated, new boards code

Posted:04 Aug 2008 (17:13 UTC)
The boards update /will mentioned is underway and bw.o has been updated with the latest changes. More coming over the next few weeks.

Our goal is to make them as close as possible in form and function to vBullettin/phpBB/std interent forums packages. If you have any sugessions, please let us know.
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Re: bw.o updated, new boards code

Posted:30 Sep 2008 (21:19 UTC)
There were massive problems integrating phpbb 20019 with R202 when it came to handling languages. Can you ensure that the language translations are in place?

Again looking at PHPBB, it is handy having thread control, home, search within the forums, but everything else- PMs, profiles, etc could move on out to Bitweaver's.

In the profiles for users there is such useless things as AIM usernames. Who uses that? Who hasn't got Skype? I hacked phpbb to do Skype instead, and it works well (inside Windoze), but Skype protocol needs some serious hacking to get it to work in Linux. (I am talking about clicking a button in the user's post to initiate Skype from the browser.)

PHPBB has fine grained control over who is allowed to read or edit posts, but it's difficult to get to - in fact far easier to use PHPMYAdmin to hack it. However it's still not consistent. It needs something like Window's ACLs to control security and parental permissions.

Thanks guys. You are doing an awesome job.

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Re: bw.o updated, new boards code

Posted:30 Sep 2008 (21:20 UTC)
re phpBB 2.0.19

Am not a programmer so can't practically help, but am a 'user' so can offer my opinions (and I have been told that I have many!!!!)

Really looking forward to having the boards/forums more like phpbb - it is 'comfortable' and 'familiar' and with so many new things to learn about BW it would help to be able to concentrate on its customisation instead of other external packages.

There are a few features that I would like to be able to turn on and off through the front end (instead of editing the code):-

1. the actual page layout of the phpbb forum has a lot of space in the header area - repeated text etc.

2. the bits about number of users being logged in etc down the bottom

I like the colours that phpbb uses to define area - and fine white lines are good too.

I am thinking that in the administration panel I would like more levels of hierarchy in the structure of setting up the forums and threads.

I don't like the constant looping that phpbb does in the administration area ie click>click>click to get back to where you were so that you can do it all again. This is specifically in relation to adding multiple forums, and also changing the permissions.

Which brings up another point - would be great to be able to customise the permissions to align with BW.

Oh and another glitch that I have is when I am logged into BW, go to the forums, and want to enter the Administration Panel of phpBB I often get re-directed to my.php instead of the admin panel. Normally logging out and back in fixes this but I have no idea why it is happening.

Having a more phpBB-like forum/board in BW would eliminate many of these issues - having a similar visual presentation though is really important - why re-invent the wheel ?!
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Re: bw.o updated, new boards code

Posted:30 Sep 2008 (21:22 UTC)
Definitely would want an 'email me when there is a new post to this forum' function - miss that about BW.
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