My search for multiple pages information

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My search for multiple pages information

Posted:04 Oct 2008 (02:55 UTC)
Hey team...

Just thought you'd like to see what I see when I tried to do a search for

I typed this in the search box and initially got 2 'results'.

I clicked through on the 'comment' result to get a threads page, with slightly interesting layout for the search field there.

I expected that if I clicked on the result on the first page that I would be taken directly to the result itself.

I don't understand why it took me to a thread. When I tried to search within that thread (using the obscured box) I couldn't find any results.

Is this normal? Is this how it works with a 2.x install too?

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Re: My search for multiple pages information

Posted:02 Nov 2008 (23:43 UTC)
This is a bug. There are more of similar ones accross whole CMS (e.g. like links from Users page Content List). At best report to SourceForge.
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