duplicate meta descriptions in google crawl


duplicate meta descriptions in google crawl

Posted:20 Jan 2009 (13:54 UTC)
I have setup site description, now the problem I see is everytime my site appears in google search results it disaplys the same description on any URL. Isn't it description should be page specific for better SEO ?

In webmaster tools as well I get a flag as 'duplicate meta description'. Anybody faced this problem ? how to rectify ?
Bobby Richardson
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Re: duplicate meta descriptions in google crawl

Posted:12 Mar 2009 (05:49 UTC)
The problem is that bitweaver's pages are generated dynamically, so the GoogleBot doesn't actually read any of the text in the pages, just the META tags generated in the HEADER. Either that, or it get's tired of waiting for the data to load and create the page from the database.

This discussion

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