question regarding cvs checkout.

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question regarding cvs checkout.

Posted:31 Jan 2009 (01:41 UTC)
Hello all,

I have a question regarding using CVS to upgrade. My first question is which version of Bitweaver is current? I see there is a 2.5.0 that was supposed to go to sourceforge last week. Did that version also make it to CVS repos?

Second, do upgrades have to be incremental between non-major releases? I'm running 2.0.0 right now. Do I need to go to 2.1.0 before going to 2.5.0. (for that matter, why the jump from 2.1.0 to 2.5.0? just curious)

Finally, I have a question about using CVS. Let's say I have three BW installs in my root directory. Call them Main, Beta1, and Beta2. I was trying to upgrade Beta1 using cvs, so I changed directories into /beta1/ and ran the command from the GetCode page:

cvs -d co bitweaver

but that just creates a directory in beta1 called bitweaver. (ie: /beta1/bitweaver)
instead of updating the files in beta1. I'm sure I'm missing something. (I'm new to cvs) Can someone help me out on this?


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Re: question regarding cvs checkout.

Posted:11 Apr 2009 (22:57 UTC)
Create a CVSROOT entry for each for each version and instead of having your CVS software use the default directory, tell it to make <dirname> (matches each versions name) on your harddrive.

Then from the root of the drive (e.g., C:\) do a CVS checkout for whichever version you want.</dirname>
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