Oracle upgrade to 2.5 from 2.1.0 failures

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Oracle upgrade to 2.5 from 2.1.0 failures

Posted:31 Jan 2009 (23:23 UTC)

I thought I'd have a go at upgrading to 2.5 from 2.10 in the absence of anything to watch on TV.

I found the following issues:

1. Oracle table creation/modifications fail due to the use of double-quotes " around identifiers, e.g.

CREATE TABLE liberty_attachment_meta_data ( attachment_id DECIMAL(10) NOT NULL, meta_type_id DECIMAL(10) NOT NULL, meta_title_id DECIMAL(10) NOT NULL, meta_value CLOB ,
CONSTRAINT "lib_attachment_meta_id_ref" FOREIGN KEY ("attachment_id") REFERENCES "liberty_attachments" (attachment_id) ,
CONSTRAINT "lib_attachment_meta_type_ref" FOREIGN KEY ("meta_type_id") REFERENCES "liberty_meta_types" (meta_type_id) ,
CONSTRAINT "lib_attachment_meta_title_ref" FOREIGN KEY ("meta_title_id") REFERENCES "liberty_meta_titles" (meta_title_id) , PRIMARY KEY (attachment_id, meta_type_id, meta_title_id) );

None of the column or table names should be quoted with doubles.

2. I still can't get Newsletters to work :( ... everytime I chose 'List Newsletters' I just get presented with my user page. Seems to happen in other places too where dynamic.tpl is used.

3. I can't register on the demo site with IE8 because I can't read the labels. I've noticed other strangeness with IE8 too, such as menus appearing white on white. It might be worth testing some against IE8.

I really wish I had more time to fully contribute, I feel bad just dumping my problems here. Not even sure if I'm in the right forum :(

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