wysiwyg plugin?

Dan Carmeli

wysiwyg plugin?

Posted:03 Feb 2009 (17:25 UTC)

I'm setting this wiki up for very basic users and I was wondering if there is any way to adapt the text editing feature so that they wouldn't have to see any of the wiki formatting. Also, on a similar note, I don't have the above options of "HTML", "BBCode Syntax", etc... How do I get those?

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Re: wysiwyg plugin?

Posted:04 Feb 2009 (14:26 UTC)
Search for "Wysiwyg" and "rich text" on bitweaver.org. You'll find a few pages dealing with that topic. To enable the package »FCKeditor« in Bitweaver:

  1. Enable FCKeditor in Admin > Kernel > Packages.
  2. Enable HTML in Admin > Liberty > Plugins > Format. Consider setting HTML as default format.
  3. Enable the ability to input HTML for the user group of your choice in Admin > Users > Groups & Permissions.

FCKeditor, however, uses HTML instead of wiki syntax. For the buttons on top of text areas that help users to input wiki snytax, you need to enable the package »Quicktags«.

All available input formats are listed in Admin > Liberty > Plugins > Format. Whichever you enable there, will show up on top of some input areas for the users that are allowed to use it.