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Dan Carmeli
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wiki text size

Posted:24 Feb 2009 (20:58 UTC)

Just wondering if there is a way to manipulate the text size for text on a wiki page. I see that you can do headlines of various sizes... I tried using the HTML tag but then "" just shows up on the page. Any ideas?


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Re: wiki text size

Posted:24 Feb 2009 (23:08 UTC)
Are you using Wiki syntax or a WYSIWYG editor?
Dan Carmeli
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Re: wiki text size

Posted:25 Feb 2009 (16:08 UTC)
I've been going back and forth... I'm kind of lost with this issue
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Re: wiki text size

Posted:25 Feb 2009 (20:22 UTC)
Tikiwiki syntax might not allow this (see for details). You might have to switch to a content format parser that provides the feature you want. Content formats are enabled and disabled in Admin > Liberty > Plugins > Formats. Other formats can also be added.

Alternatively, you could enable HTML in Admin > Liberty > Plugins > Formats, and then allow admins or editors or registered users to input HTML in Admin > Users > Groups and Permissions.

Alternatively, you could use the DataPlugin called DIV. Enable it in Admin > Liberty > Plugins > Data. You can then write in your wiki page:

your wiki page

  {div font-size='2em'}
     your text

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Re: wiki text size

Posted:26 Feb 2009 (02:43 UTC)
Dan, I went through the same conundrum in the first few months.

Initially my site was Tiki Wiki, and 3-4 months later I was sufficiently fed-up with the limitations of its syntax and changed the hundreds of pages over to html (at Laetzer's suggestion).

The reasons that I changed were that:

  • I was not as conversant in Wiki syntax (and already had enough of a learning curve with installing Bitweaver that I didn't need to have the challenge of learning yet another language)
  • I couldn't really get the option of allowing html in wiki to work
  • I wanted to have greater control over the way the text looked
  • I couldn't for the life of me get the tables to look right

I changed to using FCKeditor - it still wasn't plain sailing after that but for me it was a better choice.

In FCKeditor I could at least change the pre-set formats for text like heading 1, heading 2 and so on; and I really like its table functions too.

The one thing that I can't seem to figure out is how to have multiple files or images all on the same line without using a table - but I guess one day the penny may drop.

There are some Bitweaver Core Developers that are pro Tiki Wiki and others that use HTML.

Hope that helps.

Oh and here are a couple of how to's if you need them in addition to what Laetzer has already posted above:

How do I use HTML in a Wiki page
What if I want my site to be HTML only

Although its been several months since I changed my site over so I am going from memory for the later instructions.