Forums and URL Links

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Forums and URL Links

Posted:26 Feb 2009 (04:20 UTC)
I notice that now anyone can edit or delete another persons message - is this supposed to be that way - seems to leave room for abuse.

Also I would like to really understand the ability to link in the forums to other bw.o pages and sites.

Laetzer says its quite easy and simply to surround a link with the square brackets but it does NOT work that way for me.

If I encase an url with square brackets that is preceded by 'hyper-text-transfer-protocol' I get:

Links are not allowed

If I take off the 'hyper-text-transfer-protocol' and just leave the 'world-wide-web' etc then the url gets preceded with 'hyper-text-transfer-protocol://'

So only when I truncate the bw.o url to /wiki/blahblahblah does it link to another page on this site. (Note I had to leave the square brackets off this to get the message to post)

I even wondered if perhaps different people had different permissions for this site's forums too.

I can't even fathom how one gets an external link to work!(:idea:)

You have no idea how many attempts I made at even posting this message because each time I get a Links are not allowed. I tried surrounding each url and part thereof with tilda-n-p-tilda and parenthesis-code-parenthesis. My last attempt was to spell out hyper-text-transfer-protocol and world-wide-web.

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Re: Forums and URL Links

Posted:26 Feb 2009 (12:53 UTC)

That was true - and a major inconvenience. Thanks for pointing it out. It should now work better.


Oops, I made a big mistake there! Thanks for pointing this out as well. It's like you say, links are not allowed for registered users. Seems like only admins of bw.o can post links. I can't find a way to fine control this at the moment. Maybe it's not implemented yet.

So, your tests are correct, Kinderlehrer, whenever anything is wrapped in square brackets, Bitweaver will try making it a link. It doesn't matter if it starts with http or www or a slash. The only problem are permissions, which are not sufficient right now.

Until then, looks we'll have to do it like Dan did, masking the URL with spaces. Or just write for others to copy and paste.
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