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Posted:02 Mar 2009 (07:40 UTC)
Hi folks

Haven't really got into the statistics part of BW to know how it is supposed to work and look, but got this today when I chose:

Graph options
Individual Package Statistics
Item Statistics

Any advice on whether this is correct? Explanations or interpretations if it is?

The names under some of the graphs seem very arbitrary - how are they chosen? ie for one image gallery not all, one wiki page not pages in general

What is the "All" option supposed to give me feedback on?
Bobby Richardson
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Re: Statistics

Posted:11 Mar 2009 (22:25 UTC)
On my WAMP development box the charts look okay - blue bar drawn from bottom to top, left to right...

While on my active installation I get a single blue bar that covers several different charts.

"All" draws a chart for every package that you've got active.
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