Searching Tags and Thumbnailing Files

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Searching Tags and Thumbnailing Files

Posted:13 Mar 2009 (20:41 UTC)
Is there something that I have to do to make Tags searchable in an iLike site-wide search?

I am experimenting to see how tags works, and tagged a file, tried to search for it and it did not show in the results.

I also note that in the area where it lists the tags for the file, the tags show the 'commas' that you initially enter as separators.

Has there been any advancement in thumbnailing pdf's (or any file for that matter) as an image, rather than the standard file image that bw uses?

I don't know if it is specific to Linux or not as I haven't used Windows for eons, but all my pdf's and most other files are viewable in the file manager as images. I really really like this and wonder if bw could do it by default?