Need to restart apache to regain access to Bitweaver

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Need to restart apache to regain access to Bitweaver

Posted:30 Mar 2010 (13:23 UTC)

Currently I have the problem that Bitweaver WIKI locks up after hitting backspace twice after saving a new page that was initiated from an existing page. (mysql shows sleeping threads, new site visits keep waiting forever or timeout)

I hope someone can help me or is at least able to recreate this issue

Personally I can re-create the issue, I hope someone else can as well

Steps to take:

1. Create a new page with some links to pages that do not yet exist.

2. Click on of the the links to open the "Create Wiki Page" screen

3. Type come text in the new page, click save and wait for the page to be saved.

4. after the page has been saved hit backspace twice (fast) to go back two pages in the browser history, you should now be back at the page you created at step 1.

5. Wait for the page to timeout (or not, doesn't really matter)

6. Open a new browser window and try to visit your site...

After point 5. bitweaver does not work anymore and I need to restart Apache to regain access. Other sites on the same server however still work.

I have tried this on 2 installations both lock up.

Config 1: Windows server 2003, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2.11, Mysql 5.0.51a ,Bitweaver 2.7.0
Config 2: Windows xp home, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.3.0, Mysql 5.0.5 ,Bitweaver 2.7.0

"show processlist" on mysql gives me 2 sleeping threads...
Killing the mysql threads does not solve the issue.

Stopping Mysql process makes bitweaver prompt for connection issues in (lines 365 and 364) after restarting the Mysql process Bitweaver locks up again.
Setting $gDebug to TRUE Shows me that the 3rd query is the last query before it locks up.

Each new attempt to open the site creates a new locked thread.

Any sugestions anyone???
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Re: Need to restart apache to regain access to Bitweaver

Posted:06 Apr 2010 (11:59 UTC)
It apears that using "Store session data in database" prevents the issue.
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