Incorrect URL in Image Galleries

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Incorrect URL in Image Galleries

Posted:13 May 2010 (06:35 UTC)
I'm a recent Tiki-Wiki refugee - installed bitweaver and I love it. Everything runs smoothly except for one issue/bug I've run into: The URLs of images in an image gallery are incorrect, so the images don't display (at all).

Example: an image called 'picture.gif' is uploaded to the gallery. When viewing that gallery no thumbnails are shown, just text, and when picture.gif is clicked just a square with an 'x' is seen. When the cursor is hovered over the 'x', the URL shown at the bottom of the browser is


Notice that there is no domain name. If I copy that link location and paste it into a blog post and manually add the domain name, then the image displays correctly. Here is another oddity: a thumbnail of the uploaded image is displayed on the List Galleries page.

This problem effectively makes the image galleries unusable.

I'm running bitweaver 2.7 on a Windows 7 box, running 64-bit Apache and 64-bit PHP. No errors show up in the PHP log. It happens both in Firefox and IE8.

Anyone have any hints?
Lester Caine
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Re: Incorrect URL in Image Galleries

Posted:15 May 2010 (10:02 UTC)
There are a few things that can screw up in windows and the different 'slash' requirements are one of them :(

There is a setting for STORAGE_HOST_URI in config_inc.php. Un-commenting this and setting it SHOULD provide a temporary fix, but it should be picking up the ROOT_URI and adding that.

Are the thumbnails being created correctly? In a sub-directory of the storage/users/2/2/images/2/