wiki user and thumbnail problems

Luke Patrick Dunwell
Joined: 16 Sep 2010

wiki user and thumbnail problems

Posted:16 Sep 2010 (09:07 UTC)
Hi there!

There is a chance, that somebody already asked for help with
these problems, but the forum doesn't show up correctly for me...

Server Info:

Ubuntu Server 10.04

PHP Version 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.2

System Linux d******-srv 2.6.32-21-server #32-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 16 09:17:34 UTC 2010 x86_64

Build Date May 13 2010 19:54:32

Server API Apache 2.0 Handler

Installation was successful, I have installed all the prereqs.

Problem 1:

I open the page, and log in.

To see that i am logged in, i have to refresh twice.

If i then open the wiki, i get logged out without further information.

Problem 2:

The Fisheye thumbnailer will not work with anything but gd.
(Imagick and MagickWand are installed and show up as available on the checklist)

Any ideas?

greetings, Luke
Lester Caine
Joined: 24 Apr 2004

Re: wiki user and thumbnail problems

Posted:21 Sep 2010 (22:08 UTC)
Which version of bitweaver are you using?
2.7 was released before PHP5.3 came out, 2.8 release candidate is a lot more stable on 5.3 ...
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Sorry, we have to ask.
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