Bug?? Boards with no permissions

Brandon Plewe
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Bug?? Boards with no permissions

Posted:24 Feb 2011 (16:23 UTC)
not sure if this is a bug or if I've set something up wrong.

In trying to implement a closed site, I turned off all permissions for all modules for anonymous. This seemed to work fine for everything but boards. Now when a non-logged-in user comes to the site they get:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function boards_get_topic_comment() in /home/gistbo5/public_html/project/boards/BitBoardPost.php on line 313

In boards\bit_setup_inc.php, line 11, if I remove:
&& $gBitUser->hasPermission( 'p_boards_read' )
the site works, except that before they login, "boards" shows up in the main menu (with no content). Not bad, but it probably means this is not a perfect fix.

I have "recent board posts" and "recent comments" modules in the sidebar, and I think these might be causing the error, if they don't recognize the possibility of access being disabled. However, my "recent wiki mods" and "recent articles" modules aren't throwing errors, even though they have the same lack of permissions.

By the way, is there a more proper way for me to close off all access to non-registered users?
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