Fisheye - list_gallery

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Fisheye - list_gallery

Posted:20 Apr 2011 (15:39 UTC)
I created 2 galleries, but when I select 'list_gallery' with no user selected I get 13 pages with 1 gallery each: 5 pages with the 1st gallery then 1 page with both galleries then 7 pages with the 2nd gallery.

When an user is selected (list_galleries.php?user_id=xx) I get one page with both galleries. Perfect.

Did I miss something?

NB: only one user in my site.

- Xavier
Lester Caine
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Re: Fisheye - list_gallery

Posted:22 Apr 2011 (07:01 UTC)
Well the first thing to point out is that there are two templates for list_gallery. user_galleries.tpl is used when a user is given, but list_galleries.tpl is used for the generic case of no user.

But this is probably a case of the getList process going wrong. So the first question has to be - what database are you using? mysql needs a few bodges to emulate SQL which we take forgranted in postgres and firebird so it may be something messing up with that. I have 'protector' package running, so another layer of security which only show the public galleries when nobody is logged in.
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