bitweaver v3.1 new install problems

reishi lee
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bitweaver v3.1 new install problems

Posted:23 Nov 2013 (10:43 UTC)
i have download and unzip uploaded the files to web server.

The Bitweaver configuration file is not available. Please execute something like:
touch /home/reishi/public_html/config/kernel/config_inc.php;
chmod 777 /home/reishi/public_html/config/kernel/config_inc.php

but i cant find config/kernel/config_inc.php on home/reishi/public_html

anyone help me!

this is my website url:

Re: bitweaver v3.1 new install problems

Posted:06 Sep 2014 (20:20 UTC)
i manually edited the install_checks.php and changed the path from config/kernel/config_inc.php to kernel/config_inc.php
it points to a nonexistant directory ... once changed install continues properly
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