"Mods" Concept

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"Mods" Concept

Posted:09 May 2007 (08:40 UTC)
Hello, I was thinking it might be beneficial to development to allow a "mod" community to grow. I personally could contribute a lot more of what I do in bitweaver back to the community.

Basically, my concept of a modification is that of a template change - but nothing in the code changes. This would require the addition to themes package:
  • add /themes/mods/ directory for storing modded .tpls
  • develop specific directory structure /themes/mods/
    suggestion: /themes/mods/package/tpl
  • check /themes/mods/ for overrides outside of /themes/force/ and /themes/style/stylename/
    should go between those two

Would this be a huge performance hog, or would there be a way of caching this info? Is it even worth it?

An alternative would be to create lots of options for very simple matters in the source template itself, but that would really fill up kernel_config?
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Re: "Mods" Concept

Posted:10 May 2007 (01:39 UTC)
I'm a big fan of mods! It's competetive, it's easy to contribute, and there are just so many things that need to be modded :)

Although for what you describe the release of custom templates seems to be all it takes, no? Wrap a bunch of templates in a zip, include a help file "unzip this in /themes/styles/yourtheme/", and call it "mod" ...
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Re: "Mods" Concept

Posted:23 May 2007 (16:44 UTC)
Yes this is true, but it would also be nice to have some sort of way of easily reverting to a pre-modded state. I think another directory system would be beneficial in that sense.

If it went a step further like this:
- /themes/mods/mod_name/package/template/
then we could then have multiple modifications to a single template through multiple mods, perhaps have some sort of admin-interface for prioritizing order of modifications?

I guess I haven't really been a part of a community that does mods really well - except for phpBB. EZMod is a pretty neat concept, where each modification has a set of FIND and REPLACE commands which are read and executed by the Mod system itself. This could be another option...
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