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Jacob F. Roecker
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Custom Icons

Posted:25 Jun 2007 (12:06 UTC)
I've just installed bitweaver on my website and am learning how to get the most out of it. My goal is to have a wiki where people can upload biking and hiking routes. I'd like them to be able to attach their .kmz files to the pages they create. When I do this I get the generic "?" Icon.

How do I teach bitweaver to load a different image for this type of file? I'd like to use the google earth logo.

I know this is probably simple, but I'm new enough I don't know how to do it yet.

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Re: Custom Icons

Posted:09 Jul 2007 (08:14 UTC)
sorry for the late reply...

simply place the desired icon you want to use in liberty/icons/mime/ and name it kmz.<extension>.
e.g.: liberty/icons/mime/kmz.png