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Special Project

Posted:01 Aug 2007 (17:39 UTC)

Please tell me your non-commercial price for the
below project -

There are 26 alphabets, a to z, in English
language, a CMS english package and extensions uses
them globally in their program, and contributors and
admins type these alphabets from their local
machines for the content.

1 of these alphabets on a CMS english package
need changing from english to sanskrit,
When CMS content contributors / admins presses
this alphabet key on their local machine the chosen
alphabet shows as a sanskrit alphabet instead of the
english alphabet

1:1 alteration in the alphabet -> alters from
english alphabet to a sanskrit alphabet.
Instead of contributors / admins having to write the
content on their local machine and then having to
change one of the alphabet before copying and
pasting the unicode text on a CMS, they now can
write immediately on a CMS.

The project includes the CMS and also message boards
and perhaps other interactive community extensions.

I look forward to your reply very soon.

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