a few bugs from a one person

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a few bugs from a one person

Posted:21 Oct 2007 (21:22 UTC)
after finding bitweaver i am very pleased with the combonation of the mod's. witht hat being said i have a found a few bugs i would like to point out, these bugs were uncovered when i was building a theme based off of the "naive" theme by xing.

1) When your in a window that has a tabbed window, like the fisheye "create gallery" the main dropdown menu hides behind the tabbed area.
sulotion: the z-index needs to reflect the main dropdown menu correctly.

2) when uploading an images that has a long directory location, the file name wordwraps down below the file div defenition breaker bar.
sulotion : removing the workwrap in the file "naive_screen.css" on the difination "#fileslist div span" on the list settings

just a little look into what i have seen, possibly to help future releases
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Re: a few bugs from a one person

Posted:30 Oct 2007 (08:02 UTC)
I believe I have fixed the z-index issue.