tinymce with Bitweaver R2_2.0.1

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tinymce with Bitweaver R2_2.0.1

Posted:05 Feb 2008 (16:24 UTC)
I have just installed Bitweaver and would like to install the tinymce addon.

The instructions on the site say:
install/enable the package Tinymce in Administration --> Kernel --> Packages

But i dont have tinymce listed in my packages. How can i install this addon?


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Re: tinymce with Bitweaver R2_2.0.1

Posted:08 Feb 2008 (16:42 UTC)
TinyMCE was dropped from the official bitweaver releases in favour of FCKEditor. You'll have to download TinyMCE seperately and copy it into your bitweaver root directory. Only then you'll see TinyMCE appear as an installable package in Admin > Kernel > Packages.

The best way to get the package is by checking it out via CVS:

Or you could download it from here:

That is not the latest version of TinyMCE that was just released though. There's an instruction on how to upgrade bitweaver's TinyMCE-package to a newer version of TinyMCE in bitweaver's wiki: http://www.bitweaver.org/wiki/TinymcePackage