storage.bitfile.php : undefined function


storage.bitfile.php : undefined function

Posted:05 Mar 2008 (09:22 UTC)

after testing R2 under windows with easyphp, I have installed it on linux with PHP 4.3.9 and mysql
I have tested uploading image to gallery but I keep getting the following error (as admin) :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: () in /var/www/bitweaver/liberty/plugins/storage.bitfile.php on line 100

this error is displayed while URL is fisheye/upload.php

I compared the storage.bitfile.php from the new install with the one for the testing purpose and they are the same.

the line is :

100- if( $canThumbFunc( $retmime_type>'mime_type' )) {
101- $thumbnailerImageUrl = LIBERTY_PKG_URL.'icons/generating_thumbnails.png';

I have uncheck fisheye from Kernel Packages/ apply configuration / re-check fisheye and applyed. no change

also, the image is uploaded as I can see them under /storage/users/2/2/images/2/ScreenShot003.jpg

if someone has an idea... :-)

Re: storage.bitfile.php : undefined function

Posted:12 Mar 2008 (10:44 UTC)
this was due to PHP4.
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