starting with R2, apache emailing me error notices

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starting with R2, apache emailing me error notices

Posted:11 Mar 2008 (03:46 UTC)
I posted this earlier on the Bugs forum, but it belongs here.

After running 1.3 with no problem for a year or more, I just upgraded to R2 on my Fedora system at about two weeks ago. Since then, about every three days, apache emails me (the root user) about an error, using the subject heading "Unknown column 'posts' in 'order clause'" In the five years I've been running my web server, Apache's never emailed me about an error, only ever using the error logs, so this email notification is a feature I never knew I had. In any case, not being expert enough I simply don't understand the error: my R2 installation appears to be working fine in every way. I could just proceed to ignore the warnings and not worry, but if anyone can shed light on this situation I'd appreciate it. The complete text of the email Apache sends me is as follows. I don't see any basis for a misspelled timezone identifier, or whatever it's complaining about:

> #### USER AGENT: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Yahoo! Slurp;
> #### ACCT: ID: -1 - Login: guest - e-mail: guest@localhost
> #### URL:
> #### HOST:
> #### IP:
> #### PHP: It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings.
> Please use the date.timezone setting, the TZ environment variable or the
> date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of those
> methods and you are still getting this warning, you most likely
> misspelled the timezone identifier. We selected 'America/Los_Angeles'
> for 'PDT/-7.0/DST' instead
> #### SQL: SELECT b.`content_id` AS `hash_key`, b.*, uu.`login`,
> uu.`real_name`, lc.*, lch.hits ,gks.`security_id`,
> gks.`security_description`, gks.`is_private`, gks.`is_hidden`,
> gks.`access_question`, gks.`access_answer` FROM `blogs` b INNER
> JOIN `liberty_content` lc ON (lc.`content_id` = b.`content_id`)
> INNER JOIN `users_users` uu ON (uu.`user_id` = lc.`user_id`) LEFT
> OUTER JOIN `gatekeeper_security_map` cg ON
> (lc.`content_id`=cg.`content_id`) LEFT OUTER JOIN `gatekeeper_security`
> gks ON (gks.`security_id`=cg.`security_id` ) LEFT OUTER JOIN
> `liberty_content_hits` lch ON (lc.`content_id` = lch.`content_id`)
> WHERE (cg.`security_id` IS NULL OR lc.`user_id`='-1') order by `posts`
> #### ERROR CODE: Errno: 1054 Message: Unknown column 'posts' in 'order
> clause'
> }}}}}}} -> bit_error_string(Array6)
> }}}}}}} LINE: 638, /var/www/html/eHa/kernel/BitDbAdodb.php
> }}}}}} -> bit_error_handler(mysql, EXECUTE, 1054, Unknown column
> 'posts' in 'order clause', SELECT b.`content_id` AS `hash_key`, b.*,
> uu.`login`, uu.`real_n..., false, Object:ADODB_mysql)
> }}}}}} LINE: 916, /var/www/html/eHa/util/adodb/
> }}}}} -> ADOConnection::_Execute(SELECT b.`content_id` AS
> `hash_key`, b.*, uu.`login`, uu.`real_n...)
> }}}}} LINE: 872, /var/www/html/eHa/util/adodb/
> }}}} -> ADOConnection
Execute(SELECT b.`content_id`
> AS `hash_key`, b.*, uu.`login`, uu.`real_n..., Array1)
> }}}} LINE: 1266, /var/www/html/eHa/util/adodb/
> }}} -> ADOConnection
> b.`content_id` AS `hash_key`, b.*, uu.`login`, uu.`real_n...,
> Array1, 10, 0)
> }}} LINE: 378, /var/www/html/eHa/kernel/BitDbAdodb.php
> }} ->
> ADOConnection
> SELECT b.`content_id` AS `hash_key`, b.*, uu.`login`, uu.`re...,
> Array1, 10, 0)
> }} LINE: 273, /var/www/html/eHa/blogs/BitBlog.php
> } ->
> ADOConnection
> } LINE: 39, /var/www/html/eHa/blogs/list_blogs.php
> $_GET:
> array (
> 'sort_mode' => 'posts_desc',
> )
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Re: starting with R2, apache emailing me error notices

Posted:27 Mar 2008 (17:38 UTC)
This problem was solved with help on the IRC channel. There is a bug with the stats package, so it can either be turned off or the error emails can be suppressed by editing the file kernel/bit_error_inc.php . Around line 57, comment out the line that reads:

mail( $errorEmail, "$pSubject", $pLogMessage );
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