The incuded php.ini wrong values

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The incuded php.ini wrong values

Posted:17 Mar 2008 (12:30 UTC)
It is slightly strange that the included php.ini-file has settings wich does not support the preferred settings according to the installation file.

Another question is why it is positioned in recommends => icons when it, to be active (at least on my sitearea) must be placed in "installation" -folder)
Bobby Richardson
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Re: The incuded php.ini wrong values

Posted:03 Jul 2008 (23:05 UTC)
Two related possibilities. Since server configurations vary so much, I see the included php.ini file as more of an example, rather than an authoritative setup file. As to why it's located down in recommends/icons, who knows? Maybe something psychological/memory reminder-related about it being 'recommended'... On my shared-host I have to include the php.ini file in my root directory and sometimes add it to subdirectories as well.
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