which tpl file for adsense code?

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which tpl file for adsense code?

Posted:22 May 2007 (00:25 UTC)
hello all,

I'm trying to incorporate adsense adds to the right column of my site. According to this, it's as easy as adding the adsense code to a tpl file. In order to add it to the right column, should i add the adsense code to /kernel/templates/bit_right.tpl and place it in /themes/force? I've tried adding the file to both /themes/ and /themes/force/ but the ads have not displayed.

thanks for the assistance.
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Re: which tpl file for adsense code?

Posted:23 May 2007 (00:23 UTC)

you could try the custom module. That way you do not have to edit .tpl files. In Themes---Custom Modules, create a module called AdSense with that JS code as content. Now in Themes---Create Layout a module AdSense will appear in the drop down box to be assigned to left/right/bottom/top.

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Re: which tpl file for adsense code?

Posted:23 May 2007 (18:03 UTC)
I can verify the simplicity and ease of using a custom module. You can also style the custom module differently than the others, conveniently. Good stuff.

The problem with your method may be that there are no columns assigned to the right column as it is. If there aren't, then bit_right.tpl will never be called in the first place.

Otherwise, you should try clearing the template cache, if you haven't already.