My name is Brian Todoroff and I'm an electronics and software engineer is Silicon Valley. I've been programing since we got our first Apple IIe so I'm pushing 20 years now. I wrote one of the first simple web server libraries for the Macintosh back in college, and got my professional start designing circut boards and writting embedded code for Mikon Gaming is Las Vegas, NV while attending college at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA.

I founded bitweaver because of the potential that I saw in the original Tiki. It had grown from a wiki system written by Luis in to a full featured CMS system. Unfortunately, the underlying architecture never got overhauled to handle the growth. In addition the current development of the Tiki core has been stagnated by a group of developers who are opposed to any changes to the architecture. bitweaver's main goals include an over haul of the architecture to turn it into an enterprise class CMS system that is still accesible to small orginizations and individuals, complaiance with the latest standards for accessibilty, and the ability to easily add and remove features and applications to fit the sites needs and resources. Ambitious goals, but we have an excellent team and welcome your participation.

I've recently completed the inital import of the 1.8 Tiki code base, set up the project services, and am in the process of testing for any errors in the import.

My first contribution will be to add DatabasePrefixing to bitweaver to allow multiple independent Tiki sites to share the same database.
Tikihelp and setHelpInfo to implement the base of the new help link system.

Next will come the work on the major architectural changes to turn bitweaver in to a modular system.

Thoughts, Sermons, and Rants:
PackageVisionBtodoroff - my vision for what a basic bitweaverPackage should look like.

Ignore the stuff below this line. Just typing to myself.

Export Tiki module then from the tiki dir:
cvs -z3 import -I ! -m "Merge of recent tiki changes from Tiki 1.8 branch" tiki TIKI18 TIKI18_YYMMDDa

For adodb:
Download and untar the latest version. cd into the adodb dir just unpacked then:
cvs -z3 import -I ! -m"Import adodb 4.20 from ADODB directly" _adodb ADODB ADODB_420

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