Forums package

I am currently working on a fork of BoardsPackage.
The point of this fork would be to:
  • Look good and be userfriendly just like high quality forum software. almost done
  • Be simple, fast and useful. No pigs or mailinglist bloat. On the way
  • Become a real replacement for phpbb, vbulletin or smf. On the way. See import package too
  • Have a much better admin interface and tools. Working on it.

Listing posts (reading thread)

  • No threaded view.
  • Always display avatars (Default avatar if user is guest or has no avatar, should be Users Package)
  • FIX the signature. (signature should be part of Users Package)
  • Have buttons for admins and non admins you'd find on smf/phpbb at the end of the listing.
  • Posts should always be the oldest first, the latest last
  • No option to change listing mode

Listing threads

  • SHould be the newest thread first, the oldest last (depending on the last post, not the first)
  • Display sub-boards first
  • no option to change listing mode

Listing forums

  • Forums belong to categories, and have a display order. No option to change listing mode

Import package

note: Due to premature hdd death, there is currently NOTHING left of the import package.
I am currently working on a brand new package that would allow Bitweaver admins to import data directly from the db of other software.
  • It uses Adodb to connect the foreign databases
  • It is a proper bw package, not a cheap script
  • It imports forum data the clean way
  • It imports users the clean way (but passwords need to be reset though)
  • It should be modular to allow import of users, forums, wikis from the mainstream software without much extra work.